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My first blog post

By May 27, 2015April 12th, 2023Random musings



It’s taken me rather a long time to write my first Halcyon Days blog post….11 years and one month to be exact since I first started Halcyon Days Equestrian Marketing!

The reason may not be quite what you think. It’s not that I couldn’t be bothered, nor is it that I don’t recognise the value of blogging. As a marketeer with a passion for all things digital, I believe there are few organisations that shouldn’t have a blog and I’ve actively encouraged my clients to put fingers to key board and launch themselves into the blogosphere.

The reason is quite simple… I don’t like to talk about myself. Yes, I know… I’m in marketing and surely that goes hand in hand with a desire to talk about all things self, right? Well, definitely not in my case, unless the ‘self’ in question is extended to my horses. Get me talking about my horses and you’ll find it hard to shut me up…

What I like to do is talk about my clients; their companies, their brands, their products and their services (apart from talk about my horses, which you should now take as given). However, I finally got around to building myself a new website (my own stuff always gets shunted down the ‘to-do’ list behind my clients’ needs) and I feel that a personal blog cannot be put on the long finger any longer, as they say.

So while 99% of my work time will still be dedicated to telling the world how wonderful my clients are and helping their products and services to get noticed in the online and offline space, every now and again I plan to take a bit of a time out to bring you some of my thoughts on the equestrian industry, on equestrian marketing and business, with maybe the occasional blog post or two about my wonderful, amazing horses.

I’m looking forward to it (I think!)