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I am a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, with a degree in Business and Economics, and Dublin City University with a Masters Degree in Strategic International Marketing. Horses have been my passion since I was 4 years old and business my vocation since a few years after that and I feel very fortunate to be able to merge my love of horses with my love of marketing and the online space. My mission in life is to help equestrian businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed and grow.

Before I started Halcyon Days, I worked for six years in one of the industry’s most inspiring organisations – Horseware, initially as marketing executive, working my way up to global marketing manager. In 2003, the opportunity arose for me to set up my own company to enable me to help many equestrian businesses achieve their goals and Halcyon Days was the result.

Halcyon Days provides ‘out of house’ marketing support services to equestrian companies that do not have a marketing department, or where existing marketing managers wish to outsource a particular project or marketing function. From Public Relations to Advertising Management and from Website Design and Development to Social Media management, we can help you to market your company better and more cost effectively, and to help your business succeed.

Our mission is to make marketing work harder for our clients by offering a personal, creative and proactive service, delivering on time and within the agreed budget, so you can focus upon what you do best – running your business.

You may wonder why I refer to ‘we’ throughout the content of this website when ultimately Halcyon Days is me, Jenny Doran? This is because I believe that no man (or woman) is an island and sometimes a client’s project requires more resources than I alone can provide. Or maybe extra specialist skills are required, such as creative video production. I work with a number of freelancers as and when required and I can rely on them to give the same care and attention to every detail of a job as if I did it myself.

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